Happy New Year to you! And your book club, garden club, HOA, church group, mommy & me group and more!

Are you a member of an organization or community group that is looking for guest speakers?  We can provide your organization, business, club, etc. with speakers on the hot health topics of the day:  How to deal with pain using natural, holistic methods and treatments, what to do about stress, how to use food as medicine, healthy aging, brain and memory issues, concentration and focus at work, ancient health care systems of Ayurveda, Oriental medicine and Reiki and what they mean for healthy aging, insomnia, stress,  how to establish your personal health care team and how to be your own healthcare advocate. We can offer one-time speakers, a series of classes and we can tailor classes to your groups needs.

Patients are in their doctors offices every day asking about alternative, natural medicine and treatments.  CAMP is committed to educating individuals about this part of our health care system.

Contact Helen Elder, Executive Director, for more information.  Email helenelder1@gmail.com, office phone 360-210-5821.