Patients are in their doctor’s offices every day asking about alternatives.  Doctors, nurses and insurance companies are bombarded with questions such as these:

  • How do I get out of pain without taking more drugs?  Does acupuncture work for pain relief?

  • What should I be eating before and after surgery?

  • What kind of exercises should I be doing?

  • What about supplements?  Do they work?  What kinds should I be taking?

  • Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Reiki, what are they and can they help me?

  • If surgery is always the last option, what treatments and therapies should I look into?

  • My father had dementia.  How do I avoid getting it?

  • What about stress?

  • What else can I do about insomnia?


CAMP is here to answer these questions and more.

Our own conventional doctors are frustrated with the lack of time they can spend with each patient.  All doctors and nurses want to spend time with their patients,  answer questions and educate each patient about their health.  Insurance regulations and reimbursements simply do not allow time for patient education.

And that’s where complementary and alternative medicine comes in.  Just as we need our conventional doctors, patients are learning that we can explore the other side of our health care system that many of us know little about: doctors, nurses and therapists practicing natural and holistic medicine, treatments and therapies.

Natural and holistic medicine is based on the body’s ability to heal and restore itself to balance.  Patients quickly learn that there are a variety of simple but effective treatments that can help the body restore itself.  Often these treatments are things that the patient can learn and do themselves.  Many of these treatments are based on ancient practices that have been brought into the 21st century and are backed by evidence-based studies and science-based research, resulting in 21st Century health care,combining the best of both modern  and ancient medicines, integrating treatments and therapies with conventional medicine to give the patient the best health care possible.

Who are these doctors, nurses and therapists?

Our medical practices and therapies include an extensive and diverse group of highly trained and certified professionals, including many that are generally well known like chiropractic care, acupuncture, medical hypnosis, physical therapy as well as yoga and massage.

But complementary and alternative medicine also includes specialties that the consumer is becoming more aware of:  Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Oriental Medicine, movement therapies like Qui Gong and Tai Chi and body work like myo therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Reiki and more.  These complementary therapies and medicine are commonly practiced around the world.  And not only are patients learning more about this side of our health care system, but our doctors, insurance companies and health care corporations are highly interested in learning more.  Conventional medicine has shifted to an emphasis on changing health care outcomes, which has lead to learning what else is available to help patients improve their health.

What does CAMP do?

We teach people about health and wellness, what the basis of health really is and how complementary and alternative medicine and therapies can work together with conventional medical care to improve an individuals health outcomes. We do this by offering classes, courses and guest speakers to interested  organizations, community groups and corporations.  CAMP members also teach a variety of classes at Clark College.

CAMP has one purpose: To educate about the basis of health and wellness, about the body’s natural abilities to heal and restore balance and how natural and holistic medicine and treatments can help individual restore and maintain optimal health and well being .

We provide speakers, guest lecturers and classes to a variety of community groups, organizations, institutions and businesses in the greater Portland metro area.  Whether it is a one-time speaker or a series of mini-classes, our practitioners are available to speak and to teach on a wide range of topics about health and well being.

Our members are all volunteers.  Our classes and speakers are often provided free of charge or for a minimal fee, as organizations have seen that a simple $5 to $15 charge for a 90 minute class can encourage the participants to be more invested in their health, more committed to participate in the class and make it a priority if they have paid a minimal fee.  Corporations and businesses can also contract with CAMP to provide employee wellness classes based on a program tailor made to meet the needs of the employee and employer and for a fee based on the number of classes.

How did CAMP get started?

CAMP started with the initiative and leadership of two retired boomers, Jay and Helen Elder of Washougal, WA. Like many boomers, when they retired they realized that their health was their No.1 priority and they wanted to dedicate effort, time and money to develop a healthy lifestyle.  They both wanted to avoid the health problems that their parents had.

Asking their primary care physicians “What else can I do to improve my health?” Jay and Helen found that their doctors were often unable to provide clear guidance, leaving them both to take it upon themselves to start to explore what else is available.  And an interesting pattern began to emerge: They found that they were relying more and more on the experts in complementary and alternative medicine for information on changing the course of their health.  They learned that these doctors, nurses and therapists had a wealth of knowledge and expertise on healthy aging, offered highly individualized care (one size does not fit all!), they practiced the cutting edge of science, medicine and technology.

Starting with chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, neuroscience based therapists, nutritional therapy, Ayurvedic practitioners, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Yoga instructors, acupuncturist, physical therapy, myo therapists, health and fitness coaching, reflexology, healthy aging educators, and a variety of body work practitioners and more who became known as their “Health Care Team.” After consulting with and incorporating new and healthy foods and fitness routines they learned from these experts, they realized they were on a new path, they were getting healthier, feeling better and enjoying an active and vibrant lifestyle free of medications, pain and worry but full of hiking, yoga, fishing, hunting, gardening and more.

Jay & Helen realized that more of their boomer friends and family needed to know about this part of our health care system, prevention and wellness, and the experts who practice this specific kind of medicine, therapies and techniques. They reached out to their Health Care Team and asked if these experts would consider an organization dedicated to educating the public about what they do and the resounding answer was “YES!” and in mid 2014 CAMP had begun.


Natural, holistic, complementary, alternative…if you are searching for health and wellness information and services, search no more! This is your Pacific NW source for this and more.

Introducing the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners Pacific NW, your local leaders in all therapies and medicine that are natural, holistic, alternative and complementary.

The purpose of this website is to educate you to take charge of your health and know that all the support, information and services you need to do that are right here in our local community. This is your one-stop center for everything you need to know about restoring and maintaining the healthy, vital lifestyle that we embrace in the Pacific NW!

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) states that 40% of the population uses health care approaches outside of traditional medicine and it is a trend that is growing and here to stay. This health care movement is led by the consumer who is becoming increasingly savvy and sophisticated about their health, and who want knowledge, information and services that include both mainstream and alternative, true complementary and integrative.

Legal Stuff

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