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Clark College Title     Pacific NW complementary & alternative medicine experts educate                                                              Boomers about how to get healthy and stay healthy when you retire!

The Complementary & Alternative Medicine Practitioners Pacific NW are pleased to announce the formation of a professional organization with a mission to educate the public about what it means to be healthy with the support of your local experts in complementary, integrative, alternative, natural and holistic medicine, therapies, and treatments. Go to for more information and a listing of local health experts.

In keeping with their mission, a series of CAMP physicians, experts and practitioners will be featured as guest speakers in the Clark College Mature Learning program Spring 2016 classes. The emphasis will be on boomer and senior health, covering topics that emphasize taking control of your health, pain relief, exercise and nutrition in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond, healthy lifestyles, and how to improve your health with the assistance of complementary and integrative medicine and more. The types of experts to speak will include naturopathic physicians, nutritional therapy experts, chiropractors, traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Ayurvedic and Yoga teachers, physical therapists, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, acupuncture, neuroscience techniques including EFT and biofeedback and more.

CAMP member David Benedicktus, RN (retired), instructor Clark College is paving the way for a new emphasis on boomer and senior health, teaching individuals as they retire that they can control and change their health and steer clear of painful deaths from chronic disease that have claimed many parents of boomers.

For more detailed information on the classes and to sign up contact Clark College Mature Learning classes online or by calling 360-992-2939 ext. #1. There is a fee for each class.  For those persons who are financially challenged a scholarship program is available. Please contact 360-992-2939 ext. #1 for registration fee assistance. Note only one class per quarter may be funded under the scholarship program.

Clark College Registration:

Low Back Pain Revolution        –  Instructor Dr. L. Palisca

Nutrition for Healthy Aging    – Instructors D. Benedicktus/S. O’Leary

Autumn Tips – Spice it UP!       –  Instructor S. Bass