Ayurveda Defined

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ayurveda /ayur·ve·da/ (i″yur´ved-ah) (i″yur-va´dah) [Sanskrit] a classical system of medicine founded 5000 years ago and currently practiced in India. Its emphasis is on balance with the environment and interpersonal communication and is based on the principles that humans are microcosmic representations of the entire universe and that health is the natural end of living in harmony with the environment. Disease results from disharmony between the person and the environment, and each case of disease is a manifestation of a unique state in a unique individual, therefore requiring a unique cure. The practitioner attempts to maintain or restore the balance of the doshas, with therapies including diet; herbal, color, and sound therapies; aromatherapy; application of medicated oils to the skin and massage; and meditation. Written also Ayurveda. ayurve´dic.