What Does Alternative Mean?

WebLogoCAMPPACNWThe National Institute of Health (NIH) has generally referred to the terms “complementary” and “alternative” as medicine and therapies outside of conventional medicine as those therapies used in conjunction with traditional medicine. Thus Complementary and Alternative or “CAM” as it is referred to was created. We added Practitioners to CAM to make the acronym CAMP or Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners.

A closer examination defines CAM as practices that are highly specialized, requiring advanced study, degrees and certifications, strict professional standards and state and local requirements, backed by scientific research and studies , all sharing the basic philosophies:

• Patient centered rather than disease centered treatments.
• A view of health as vibrant, vitality living, not just the absence of disease
• An emphasis on the self-healing qualities of the human body
• Identify and treat the causes of disease, not just the symptoms.
• Dedicating time, money and effort to educating the patient to be in charge of their health.

The most important term used to describe complementary and alternative medicine and therapies is “integrative.” As highly trained, certified and professional practitioners, practicing under rigorous and highest professional and governmental standards, we offer true integrative care, meaning whether the individual seeks care outside of traditional medicine or in conjunction with more main stream care, we offer highly individualized medicine that puts the patient first.